Article 1 – Name


To promote and develop a fellowship as a Celtic Supporter’s Club
To promote and develop soccer teams at the over 30, senior and youth levels in the Durham Region.
To promote the culture of Celtic.
Maintain a building fund (portion determined by the Membership)
10% of net profit to be dedicated to charity of choice


Membership fee set at $60.00 and is subject to review at the AGM
Paid members in good standing for no less than one year have voting rights. Membership must be paid by the A.G.M
Any player of a Celtic club sports team must be a paid member
All members must adhere to the club constitution and will not bring the club into disrepute. Failure to do so will result in the board of directors revoking membership.
Senior Members Sixty Five years and older will pay a reduced membership of $30 after two years of Paid membership.


The business of this club shall be conducted by the following officers, in a manner which is consistent with the constitution and aims of this club.

Social Director
Sports Director

Board of Directors tenure will be a two year term. The election/appointment of the President, Secretary and Sports Director shall alternate with the election/appointment of Vice-President, Social Director and Treasurer every year at the AGM
The election/appointment of the Sub-Committee will take place at the AGM and the tenure will be a one year term
Election procedure will be by secret ballot-simple majority rules.
To run for office, members must be in good standing for no less than one year prior to election.
A sheet will be posted 30 days before the AGM for members in good standing to stand for any open position on the executive committee.
Should a vacancy occur for office, the Board of Directors have the power to appoint a replacement for the remainder of its term.
At any meeting of the executive a majority of the board of directors shall constitute a quorum.

Article V – Duties of Officers

President shall:

Preside at all meetings;
Act as a spokesperson for the club, unless such responsibilities are delegated.
Prepare an annual report for the AGM.

Vice -President shall:

Assume the presidential powers as specified in Article (a), either in absence of, or under the instruction of the president, and shall perform specific duties as assigned by the board of directors.

Social director shall:

Co-ordinate and organise social functions with the assistance of the sub-committee.
Assume the Vice-President responsibilities as specified in Article (b), either in absence of, or under the instruction of the Vice-President.

Secretary shall:

Give notice of all meetings
Attend general meetings, Board of directors meetings and keep minutes of such meetings.
Minutes of such meetings are to be read at the next meeting.
Be the custodian of all club minute books, club files and club correspondence files

Treasurer shall:

Keep full and accurate records of all revenues and expenses in a book belonging to the club
Present a financial report at the AGM and other meetings as required
Deposit all money, maintain one or more bank accounts in the club name and settle accounts.
Cheques must be properly countersigned with two signatures by the treasurer and one other member of the executive committee.

Sports Director shall:

Undertake such duties as appointed by the board of directors
Manage and coach soccer teams.
Raise funds for the club.
Obtain sponsors for the club.

Article VI-Meetings

The AGM shall be held on the first convenient date in May of each year
The board of directors shall notify members of all membership meetings
The board of directors shall call emergency meetings.
Order of business for the AGM:

Roll call.
Reading of the minutes of the previous AGM
Board of directors’ reports.
Reports of other committees.
Unfinished business.
New business
Amendments to the constitution
Election of a new board of directors.

Any active member requesting a general meeting must place such a request in writing. The meeting is to be arranged fourteen days after receiving the request.
Amendments to the constitution may only be made at the AGM. All proposed amendments shall be forwarded to the secretary not less than thirty days prior to the AGM.
To make changes to the constitution it will require a vote in favour by two thirds of those members present and voting.
All members are to be notified fourteen days prior to membership meetings