The Durham Celtic Club's two Season Tickets are located in Section 412 directly above the Green Brigade.

They are available to all Durham Celtic Members by signing the Overseas list located on the notice board in the Club.  As Overseas Ticket Holders, our Members receive 5 free of charge domestic matches, paid for by the Durham C.S.C. each season minus Rangers matches.  Rangers matches as well as all European matches are available but must be paid for by the member.  After our 5th domestic match is used tickets for further matches will need to be paid for and will be available at the discretion of Celtic Football Club. 

Tickets are available on a first come first serve basis and MUST be requested by using the sign up list.  Email or Text Message requests will not be admissible.

Tickets must be requested at minimum one month prior to the date of the match.  After this date, the tickets will be donated to children's charities in Glasgow as per the Overseas Tickets agreement.  European Qualification and/or Knock Out Stage matches must be requested as soon as the fixture is announced.  European Group Stage match requests requires the Durham Celtic Club to purchase all home Group Stage match tickets.  The additional Group Stage match tickets will be paid for and be in the possession of the Durham Celtic Club and be distributed or sold at the Executive's discretion. 

Please ONLY fill out the list on the notice board if you are definitely going to be using the tickets!  If your not going to be able to use tickets you've requested, remove your name from the notice board A.S.A.P.  This is in fairness to all other Members who potentially would like to use them.  If tickets are reserved but not used after they're ordered, the Member will be responsible for the cost of the tickets.  Tickets for Rangers matches have to be booked well in advance.

The Durham Celtic Overseas Tickets are for the use of our paid Members only!  The tickets are not to be reserved for friends or family who are not Durham Celtic Members!  When picking up your tickets at Celtic Park, ID will be required to confirm your identity matches the Members name on the reservation.  Failure to comply with this or for requesting tickets that are not used may bar you from requesting the Clubs tickets in the future.  This action has been suggested to the Executive by Members of the Club.  If for some reason a different pick up person is required it will have to be brought forward to the Executive for approval.

For more information or general inquiries contact Durham Celtic Club VP Jason Atwell at durhamceltic1989@gmail.com or 416-575-1068